Who do I contact if I have an issue with online ordering or trunk shows, etc.?

As an affilialte, your first option would be your upline. If they are unavailable or not able to help you can contact support@mybuskins.com or check our FaceBook Group Unit: All About Trunk Shows

Why is there shipping for Buskins bands when ordered seperately?

Buskins Bands are low cost, but still cost package prices when shipping. These items are meant to be an add on to a current order. When ordered seperately we have to collect costs to ship or Buskins has to pay out of pocket for you to enjoy these great items. 

Are there quotas we need to reach?

Affiliates do not have Quotas to stay active with Buskins. There is a monthly fee for your website that must remain active to be paid commissions and remain an active affiliate. Sales quotas to reach can help you advance to new tiers and commissions however, but not required. 

Once I reach Affiliate status can I be downgraded back to trainee?

Once you advance from "Trainee" tier to "Affiliate" tier you will forever remain "Affiliate" tier as a  minimum. You would not downgrade to a "Trainee" tier after reaching the minimum requirements to advance to the "Affiliate" tier. 

How do we know what band a pair has or what material they are made of since some are different?

All leggings are 92% Polyester 8% Spandex with a regular elastic waistband UNLESS the description states otherwise. If not stated they are assumed to be the same as stated in our general description. 

If a hostess reaches platinum level, do they get all 3 gifts?

Hostesses reach the gift of the highest level of achievment. Only 1 gift per party unless stated otherwise. 

When do I receive my Hostess Gift?

Your Hostess gift is sent with your placed order once your party closes. 

How does a Hostess place an order with their earned rewards?

Hostesses can login to their hostess account once a party closes and see their shopping credits available. You would click on "Place Order" In your dashboard. At checkout your will see a box with available reward credit. You input the amount to use and checkout. Hostesses should only use host account for placing reward orders and should have a customer account for regular customer orders. 

How often can I host a party?

Hostesses can hosts parties as often as they want. There is no time constraint on how often a Hostess may have a party. 

I am an affiliate can I host my own party?

As a Buskins affiliate it is against regulations to host your own party. This is equal to collecting double commissions and will be means for immediate removal from company along with forfeiture of any earned rewards and/or commissions. 

Will customers party orders ship out as they place them, or once the party is closed out?

Party orders are placed in real time and will ship as they are placed. The only item that is held after placed is the Hostess gift which will ship with the Hostesses first order after party closing. 

Where is the company based out of?

Buskins Leggings Shipping Warehouse is located in Murrieta, CA.

When do Affiliates get paid?

Buskins Affiliates commissions are released to your eWallet 7 days after orders are processed. You can request Paypal payments from your eWallet before Thursday each week to be paid into your paypal each Friday for any released commissions. (All commissions have a 7 day cooling off period to allow for refunds or returns)

What is the minimum age to sign up as an affiliate?

The minimum age for an affiliate is 16 years of age per our company policy but you would need to check with your state for the state laws. However if under 18 years of age you must sign up with permission from guardian over 18 years of age.

Why do you need our Tax ID number?

It is required to be paid by any company. This is the same as you have to provide for any company you work with. Social Security number for US residents, SIN for Canadian, NIN in other countries.

Why are some styles not lined up at seams or are upside down?

Designs are made to be abstract and how they are printed from the factory.

What are the leggings material?

Most our leggings are 92% polyester/8% spandex unless noted in the description.

How long until I get my enrollment kit items?

Everything usually ships out within 1-2 business days. There may be increased waiting times due to weather, holidays, delays in shipping, or other uncontrollable instances.

I added my down line to Facebook Group, but she/he is not accepted yet, what do I do!?

We need to know that your down line has full access to the back office before we accept them into the group. We approve people Mon-Fri mornings. If the request is there for them to be approved and they are fully approved in our affiliate system we will approve their request to join. Please be sure to tag them in the pinned post. Allow 24-48 hours for approval

Will we be getting any other styles other than what is on site?

We receive 40+ designs a month. If you are interested in something that isn't on site, send in a suggestion to support@mybuskins.com . We would love to see what others want and support will be able to check it out! Current availability will be on the website. There is no time frame for when or if items will come back. We suggest letting your customers know this. It creates a sense of urgency and will benefit your business

I purchased my order Friday evening, why hasn't it shipped on Monday?

Our shipping department works Monday - Friday 9am-4pm pst. If you order on Friday, Monday would be the time they SHOULD be shipped. Such things as mass ordering, ordering errors, any extra/credited charges, may delay shipping. If your package goes beyond 3 BUSINESS days and still has not shipped, please send an email to shipping@mybuskins.com  

How do Affiliates make Personal Purchases?

Reps log into their back office. Once logged in, your site will show affiliate pricing automatically. Go to manage orders to place a personal order from back office or you may order from front page.

Does Buskins Leggings carry baby/Toddler leggings?

YES! We just launched infant/toddler leggings July 7th, 2017. We are the first and only company to offer them smaller than a size 4. These prints AND sizing are EXCLUSIVE to Buskins!

Can you purchase more enrollment kits as an affiliate?

No, affiliate kits are to join Buskins only. Affiliates who attempt to fraudulently sign, duplicate, or fabricate fake recruitments are subject to termination. Email support@mybuskins.com if you need help accessing your account.

What is store eWallet?

Store eWallet is where you will find your store credit, if given. You cannot transfer this amount to paypal. This is to purchase items on website only. Your $5 referral bonus can be found here as well.

What if I don't have a sponsor/Upline?

Please email support@mybuskins.com and we would be happy to connect you to an active Buskins Affiliate.

How do I cancel my affiliate status?